Site Selection

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Finding the perfect venue for your event is a critical first step. UltraSpectra will work with you to identify the venue that best meets your needs, then negotiate a contract that provides you excellent terms at a great price.

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  • Site Research
  • >>  Identify desired city and date
  • >>  Create Request for Proposal
  • >>  Research likely venues based on budget, location and dates
  • >>  Handle queries from venues
  • >>  Create matrix outlining venue options and recommendations
  • >>  Present options/recommendations to client
  • Site Visit
  • >>  Obtain best schedule from client for site visit
  • >>  Conduct site visits with client
  • Site Negotiations & Contracting
  • >>  Identify areas of concern – price, concessions, etc.
  • >>  Negotiate final pricing, dates, space, concessions and contract
  • >>  Review changes and provide final contract to client for review