Tips For Post Event Engagement With Your Attendees


Successful marketing plays a vital role in making the event organized be remembered. If the brand managers only rely on conducting a huge scale event for their brand promotion and forget what needs to be done afterwards, then the show was of no use.

Following are some tips for your event attendees to remember the purpose of the event conducted:

1. Follow-Up

Lack of proper follow-up with your attendees creates a negative impression in their minds as this is a main factor they are expecting to stay connected. Maximize communication by providing your attendees with videos of the event conducted.

2. Engage attendees with questions

Use such posts on facebook where atendees can give their response like asking questions. As simply liking a post is not enough. Such question like posts are more likely to increase interest of the participants and remember your product. Questions like issues at the workplace can be asked where everyone wants to give their comments. High converstaion opportunities will enable your attendees to stay in contact.

3. Avoid too many updates

Posting a lot of updates will irritate the people and they may remove your page from their feed. So its better to stay in boundaries. This happens as they are dealing with many advertisements and other event stories. Posting event videos and pictures is a good idea as people love to see their pictures.

4. Sending Thank you E-mail

The attendees need to be thanked for taking out their time and attending your event. For this, a custom e-mail can be generated sending to all the participants. In this way, they will feel respected and honored. The basic point is to contact your customers when everything is fresh in their mind.

5. Optimize event website

Everyone is using smartphones nowadays through which they can access any website easily. Make sure your event website is optimized to be easily opened on mobile phones. Easy access means more communication.

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