Enhancing Social Media Interaction at Social Events

With the world focusing more towards social media, trend of social events has drastically changed. They are no more simply gathering attendees for a dull meeting. Entertaining the audience has become a crucial part of such events. The purpose of incorporating entertainment is to increase respective brand awareness for the people to talk about it even after the show is finished.

Businesses, nowadays, have realized the additional value they can get through such measures. This is a part of active marketing strategy which, in turn, encourages other social media platforms to talk about the event. Spreading the word is the main target of businesses. The more the people talk, the more they get attached to it.

Following is a list of ideas for the event planners to add a “wow factor” to their planning:

1. Making Arts on Coffee

This is a unique art practiced only by a few. The designed image stays over the coffee for a few seconds and then disappears into the bellies. This idea can encourage the audience to remember a glimpse of your event.


2. Introducing Unusual Venues

Hiring unusual venues along with a distinctive backdrop can make your event worth remembering and appealing. Such venues offer a unique setting and modern facilities to make the event a big hit.

Unusual Event Venue

3. Movie Ideas

Taking ideas from different movies can inspire decor, locations and more importantly dining.

4. Getting Ideas From Ongoing Events

Now this is something very important. Event planners need to socialize to get ideas on content. Strong channel of networking allows business owners to catch up on uou easily and cal also be supportive in some cases.

5. Media Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great way of attracting clients who are addicted to social exposure as some want to fill the web with their photos. Company logos and brand name can be incorporated on these photos.


6. Setting a Theme For an Event

Selecting a particular theme can bring colors to your event. The wallpaper, linen and table cloth can be adjusted according to the selected theme.

Setting Event Theme

7. Innovation in Architecture

Innovations in architecture can inspire new approaches to layout providing a human experience of artistic expression. Design can predict culture of any society.

8. Presenting Lookalikes

A great way to increase social exposure is to present lookalikes at your event who will love to pose for photos with the guests. Such photos are guaranteed to be posted on social media which again is a means of marketing.

Celebrity Lookalike

9. Introducing Luscious Meals

The essence of any event is the meal that is presented. Increasing thought is being put in meals nowadays for the attendees to have a memorable experience.

Luscious Meals

10. Playing Cultural Music

Playing music from different culture can be soothing to the attendees as it would be brand new for them. Plus, music is always a sidewise necessity. Add in different musical acts and live talents on guest’s request can add colors to the show.

It is an era of fast moving people and to keep up with time is today’s need. In short, it is the target of every event planner that their event gains maximum exposure in the world of social media. For businesses, they have an advantage for brand promotion and eventually more customers if the event is organized excellently.


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