Task Force Meets to Formulate National Cyber Security Draft

Cyber Secure Pakistan

Task Force Meets to Formulate National Cyber Security Draft

While Cyber Security issues are at rise and we are hearing news of hacking or defacing of websites of different banks even recently. Cyber Security has emerged as an issue of vital national security. Governments, businesses and individuals are under attack from other governments, cyber-criminals, and hacktivists. These attacks steal hundreds of billions of dollars in personal and business data and compromise sensitive government operations. Pakistan needs constructive answers for cyber threats.

Cyber Secure Pakistan

For that matter, things have already started escalating in right direction. Second meeting of cyber security task force was held on, 24th July, 2013, at CIT plaza F-10 Markaz under the chairmanship of Mr. Ammar Jaffri, Chairman Cyber Security Task Force constituted under the auspices of Senate Committee of Defense. Stake holders from Public and Private Organizations participated. Mr. Jaffri informed the participants that Senator Mr. Mushahid Hussain Syed, Chairman Senate Commitee on Defence and Defence Production, expressed in the Budget Session of the Senate on 21st June 2013 that, necessary measures may be initiated by the relevant stakeholders, to ensure a Cyber Secure Pakistan.

The senate unanimously approved the formation of Cyber Security Task Force to initiate necessary steps in this regard. As a follow up of this a policy seminar was convened in PIPS Islamabad on 8th July, 2013 which was attended by large number of senators and relevant stakeholders of cyber security in public and Private sector organizations. In first meeting of Cyber Security Task Force under the chairmanship of Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed was held on 17th July 2013 in Parliament House.

The following decisions were made:

a. The task force will prepare Cyber Security Bill-2013 for presentation in the Senate around 14th August, 2013.

b. Prepare Cyber Security Policy followed by the Cyber Security strategy of Pakistan by 31st December, 2013.

c. Establishing the National Computer Emergency Response Team (PK-CERT) with the coordination of relevant public and private sector organizations.

d. Arrange Country-wide awareness campaign on Cyber Security and all kinds of Cyber Security threats in coalition with PISA and all relevant Private and Public sector organizations.

e. Commemorating the year 2014 as year of “Cyber Secure Pakistan”.
Major stakeholders including lawyers, university representatives, private / public organizations, forces and government sector organizations were present in the meeting.

The Task Force discussed all aspects of decisions made for a cyber secure Pakistan and after detailed deliberations Four committees headed by Barrister Zahid Jameel, Brig. Ashrad Masood, Mr. Ammar Jaffri and Mr. Tahir Chaudhry to lead the required initiatives and with the coordinated efforts of member from relevant stake holders of Public and private organizations.

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