Mr. Parvez Iftikhar

With 30+ years of experience in Telecom sector, he joined the then newly formed USF Pakistan in 2007 as it’s founding CEO and within months, he managed to raise it from scratch & started deploying Cellular Infrastructure, Optic Fiber Cables and Broadband-Internet – all thru private-sector Telcos, in the unserved areas. Where universal service programs were mostly failing, USF Pakistan became globally recognized as a success-story!

Earlier as country-head of Siemens Telecom he acquired & executed multi-million-$ projects, raising telecom revenues nearly 10-fold in 7 yrs.(turnover in last year: US$ 300 M). He hired & trained hundreds of local engineers, building service teams & deploying them within & outside the country.

He have travelled all over the world and know English, German & Urdu languages. He have been on sabbaticals to Carnegie Mellon Univ. (USA) and Oxford Univ. (UK), besides receiving extensive management and technical training, mainly in Europe.

Proven specialties: Expert in Universal Service (Obligation) matters + He have raised companies from zero to international best practice performance-level – both in Private as well as Public sectors!



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