Mr. Saleem Rafik

Mr. Saleem M. Rafik brings wealth of experience in the Finance & Technology industry. He completed his studies in Business Management and Systems Engineering from USA. He embarked upon a rich career in the USA, Middle East and Europe and architected technology solutions for efficient banking and service industries. In 2007, Mr. Rafik architected the NADRA e-Sahulat, a program to bridge the service-divide between the rural and urban population. At present e-Sahulat provides Bill Payment, Verisys and G2P services nationwide. This is the one of a kind, prepaid franchise program with over 5000 franchisees nationwide.  His career spans across NADRA, MCB, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, IBM and Price Waterhouse.

  • Company:Open Source Foundation of Pakistan
  • Short Bio:Vice Chair
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