Mr. Fouad Riaz Bajwa

Fouad is currently engaged as a Principal Policy Analyst and Consultant in public policy reforms and sector development for a fragile country’s government efforts to develop an efficient IT Industry and boost the economy.

Fouad has been working with International projects and teams dealing with formulation of national public policy, development practices, monitoring and evaluation covering Human Development, Industry Development, Trade Analysis, ICT and IT Policy, Internet Governance, Internet Public Policy, National Software Development Ecosystems, Internet Rights and Freedoms, Policy Analysis and Advocacy for policy reform.

He has extensively contributed to the development and promotion of Internet and Human Rights, Free and Open Source Software technology platforms focused on solving problems for society, economy, politics, academia, research and civil society.

Fouad is highly experienced in Internet and Digital Rights, Freedom of Expression, Human Rights, Think Tanks, International Development Economics, Political Economy of ICT/IT/ITES Regulation and Market Development, Research Methodologies (Mixed Methods), Innovative Political Systems, Communicating Public Policy, Problem Analysis, ICT and Software Project Management, Web Content Management for Development Sector, System and Web Server Administration, Linux Deployments and Trainings.

He has travelled extensively for research and advocacy while delivering advice, consulting and training services.

Policy Analysis
Transformative Policy
Public Policy Research and Advocacy
Intergovernmental Relations
Digital and Knowledge Economy
Internet Governance and Internet Public Policy
ICT Regulations and Policy
Trade Ecosystem Development
Non-profits Planning & Social Entrepreneurship
Freedom of Expression and Human Rights
Linux and Unix System Administration
E-Commerce and Web Design/Engineering
Free and Open Source Software
Project Management, Training & Consulting

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