Mr. Asim Sheryar Hussain

Mr. Asim Shahryar Husain was elected as VP of OSFP in March 2014. He is a technocrat with twenty plus years of experience in technology marketing and business planning. Presently, he is Managing Director of Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), a government body under Ministry of IT & Telecom which focuses on increasing Pakistan’s IT exports globally. Before joining PSEB, he was CEO of COMSATS Internet Services, Pakistan’s pioneer ISP, and turned around the ISP by increasing their revenue by 80% in four years. He was Director Marketing for wi-tribe before and was involved in the planning and launching of its Wimax service in Pakistan. He has worked for both technology startups and established organizations in USA and Pakistan including Viewlogic, Siemens, Oracle, IBM, Crossworlds, Marketfirst, IONA, LMKR, Transworld, witribe, and COMSATS. He holds a BS in Computer Systems Engineering from Stanford University, California (1992) and an MBA in Marketing from Duke University, North Carolina (1998). Asim believes that OSFP can play a key role in creating awareness and adoption of open source technologies in Pakistan through marketing and training to different educational institutions, corporate sector, and government.

  • Company:Open Source Foundation of Pakistan
  • Short Bio:Vice President
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