Event description

Dictionary defines summit as the peak or high point of something. So YES YES this August, you are going to experience “YES’16” YOUTH Empowerment SUMMIT. With our peak efforts, discover the peak of your leadership skills, qualities that you can adore forever, the capabilities you never knew you had and find a reason to truly love yourself. With an amalgam of training sessions, indoor and outdoor activities, we engage you in the process of discovering your TRUE self, and yes the LEADER in you.


The trainers that would:
• Enhance your soft skills
• Bring out the best in you
• Discover the leader in you
• Make you learn civic responsibility
• Give you motivation for life
• Catalyze social interaction
• Improve social network
• Energize you
• Involve you in indoors and outdoors activities

Activities that would:
• Boost your energy level
• Increase your motivation to do something
• Discover and explore new things
• Increase your stamina
• Make you stretch your own limits
• Learn in innovative ways
• Soothe your aesthetic sense

A venue that:
• You would love and never forget
• Atmosphere that would soothe your senses
• Provide high class service
• Excellent management

Facilitators that would:
• Make you feel at home
• Facilitate you in every way possible
• Create a friendly environment around you
• Make sure that they get you new awesome friends for life from here

Registration fee that would cover:
• Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and residence at the summit
• Registration Card, Stationary, activity material and Certificate.

Register Here: http://goo.gl/forms/5IQBLXGvz6ONQRDB2