Job Opening

Job Description: UltraSpectra Pvt. Ltd. immediately requires highly talented and experienced PHP Developer and Designer with good communication skills and a proven track record in PHP Development. As a PHP Developer, you will be required to work in PHP, MySQL & AJAX. Minimum 2 years of experience or strong project portfolio in Web Development. Qualification: BS,

Tips For Post Event Engagement With Your Attendees

Successful marketing plays a vital role in making the event organized be remembered. If the brand managers only rely on conducting a huge scale event for their brand promotion and forget what needs to be done afterwards, then the show was of no use. Following are some tips for your event attendees to remember the

Enhancing Social Media Interaction at Social Events

With the world focusing more towards social media, trend of social events has drastically changed. They are no more simply gathering attendees for a dull meeting. Entertaining the audience has become a crucial part of such events. The purpose of incorporating entertainment is to increase respective brand awareness for the people to talk about it

Internet Governance Discussed At AIS

Emergence of new mobile and Internet technologies like 3G or 4G might not transform anything in itself but its responsible, strategic and widespread usage has the potential of developing a vibrant, transparent and progressive new social contract amongst governments, private sector and communities in Pakistan. This consensus emerged at Asia Internet Symposium held under the

ICTs for Good Governance Held in Islamabad

Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) have now been recognized as the engine for growth and a source of energy for the social and economic empowerment of any country, specially a third world country. Relationship between ICTs and improved services, to the common man in the areas of health, education, agriculture, governance etc. have now become

Cyber Security Policy Drafting

Seminar for Drafting Cyber Security Policy

ISLAMABAD (8th July, 2013): The Senate Committee on Defence and Defence Production organised a policy seminar on “Defending Pakistan Through Cyber Security Strategy” in coordination with Pakistan Information Security Association (PISA) in order to address security issues related to the internet.

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Event Environment

Improve the Event Atmosphere

There is no single action you can take that will conjure the ideal atmosphere. It takes a carefully planned and managed combination of factors skilfully coordinated to ensure your event is everything you and your guests/delegates could hope for.

Social Media for Events

Social Media for Events

Here is a typical scenario. You’re an event professional who has been enjoying social media for a while. You see the value of using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc to offer a better event experience.