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Cyber Security Policy Drafting

Seminar for Drafting Cyber Security Policy

ISLAMABAD (8th July, 2013): The Senate Committee on Defence and Defence Production organised a policy seminar on “Defending Pakistan Through Cyber Security Strategy” in coordination with Pakistan Information Security Association (PISA) in order to address security issues related to the internet.

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I get really upset at this statement when there is no value attached to it. Here is why you should like our page and connect on Facebook with UltraSpectra Blog. I have had a few reserves for the past 5 years about starting a Facebook page for our Blog.

Event Environment

Improve the Event Atmosphere

There is no single action you can take that will conjure the ideal atmosphere. It takes a carefully planned and managed combination of factors skilfully coordinated to ensure your event is everything you and your guests/delegates could hope for.

Social Media for Events

Social Media for Events

Here is a typical scenario. You’re an event professional who has been enjoying social media for a while. You see the value of using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc to offer a better event experience.